In need of characters for ink story

Hey there! I’m in need of characters for my new story! Unfortunately I don’t know what role you would be yet, but you will be featured in the story sometime!

The story is not out yet and won’t be out for a while, I’m revamping my current story and then I will begin my other one. Once the new one comes out, I will inform you all.

Story details:
Author: Mae
Title: Instincts of Revenge
Description: Annabelle and 5 other criminals all want some sort of revenge. But what happens, when they become allies? And some, even more than allies?

Here’s what I need to know!
Character Name:
Skin Tone:
Face Shape:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Shape:
Eye Color:
Lip Shape:
Lip Color:
Nose Shape:
Eyebrow Shape:
And an outfit; this is optional!
Facts about you: lets me know how to write the personality of your character!
And any other details; also optional!

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What style do you want for the characters?


Name : Roy (author of Shado)
Body : Toffee
Eyebrow : Seductive arch
Eyes : Upturned bold ; Colour : Blue
Nose : Redefined
Lips : Classic ; Colour : Ruby
Face : Oval
Hair : High Ponytail ; Colour : Black

Personality : tomboy, bisexual, badass, always ready to fight for justice…

awesome! a perfect fit for my story! thanks!

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Happy to help… And let met know I will be in which episode so I can check it out… And all the best with your story :kissing_smiling_eyes:

do you have any preferences on how i give you a shout out at the end of the episode?

Personality: Shy, quiet, intelligent, and humorous

alright thank you! any preferences on how i give you a shout out at the end?

You can give a shoutout to my story Shado or my IG which is roy_episode

You can use my insta @epi.milkyway for the shoutout :slightly_smiling_face:

perfect, I’ll do both! thank you! i’ll let you know when your in the story and which episode!

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awesome! i’ll let you know when your in the story!


Character Name: Margo
Skin Tone: Toffee
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Hair: Natural Curls (Mint)
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Brown)
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round (Toffee or whatever you choses

Personality: Lesbian, spontaneous, street savvy, curious, impulsive, tends to think with her heart and not her brain when it comes to friends/family, confident

awesome, thank you! how would you like me to shout you out?

You can use my form user

perfect! i’ll let you know when you character is in the story!


One question, do you mind if I change your hair to the cornrow faux hawk? If not that’s fine too, its up to you! :smile: