In need of characters INK (closed)



Yea that’s fine


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yes we are looking for 2 love interests

Moved to Art Resources since it’s for character designs. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

do you have any clothing preferences

Can I upload a love interest?

sure what gender

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Uh can it be any?


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Oooh okay, I’ll upload a woman


Here: :sparkling_heart:

Name: Iris
Skin Color: Olive
Eyebrows: Mature round
Hairstyle & hair color: Long curly hair and black
Eyes & Eye Color: Upturned feline
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Refined
Mouth & mouth color: Full round and scarlet

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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any outfit preference and personality

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Uh the outfit in the picture! Iris is really sweet and kind/sensitive but is also very feisty when she needs to be!

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great thank you

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Awesome! When is your story going to be released!?

maybe next week we are starting episode 3

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Oooh cool! What’s it called, I’ll read it