In need of characters


So I’m writing a story for the new fantastical contest. Just put the details for your character below. As well as their personality. LIMELIGHT


Here is my character she love to sing but hide it from people and she never speak to people


LL please??


Oh okay she loves nature


okey how should I credit?




is that insta or episode?






your welcome


We can do a character swap. I need BG characters for my story. If you want to do one, I’ll do one for you. Mine is in ink. It is for a park scene and a soap opera.


ok. my details are:

light skin/diamond face
upturned bold/toffee eyes
blonde/classic bob hair
classic/ruby red lips
soft natural nose
seductive arch eyebrows


I’m not sure of my LL details but I know my ink by heart. I can check and post tomorrow when I go on the Episode Writer Portal then.


Thank you.


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Hi I also want to be in your story
Name- sania
Skin tone - light
Faceshape - soft heart
Hair - beach wave (fawn)
Eyes - round bold
Eyebrows - seductive arch
Nose - upturned
Lips - classic ( bubblegum pink)
My character loves to befriend others but others consider her as a fool she has only one good friend who understand her


Please let ME In


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