In Need of Cover Art for My New Story!

Hi all! I am currently writing a new story and I am unfortunately horrible at all things art related, so I am in dire need of help for a beautiful cover piece!

Here are my characters:



What I have been playing around with is Harper (girl with dark black hair in angel dress) would be faded but looking down (seriously, but maybe with a hint of a smile?) at a Iris and Mason. They would be facing front but maybe have a bit of their backs/sides touching. In the center of the cover beneath Harper would be the title “Harper’s Ashes”.

Unfortunately for you all, I have sketched out what I envisioned:

(terribly sorry for the “art” - can I even call it that??).

Anyways, thank you in advance to those of you who can see past my horrible drawings and help me out!! Let me know if you need any more information from me!

I can pm me

I 100% forgot to mention the background. I would like a purply/black hazy background if possible!

I’ll do it for you!!! Woohoo I’ll have it done by the end of the day @livsimms


You still need?

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Sorry for the late response! Yes, I am still looking for an artist!

Hello sweetie, if still in need of any help at any point, you’re welcome to check out our art shop, you can see our examples on there and submit a request :slight_smile: