In need of cover art for my story


Hey guys!
I am looking some for someone to make a small and a large cover for my story. I
Have some guidelines for this process if you are interested.

  1. Please read at least the first chapter of my story. I want to to have an understanding of what the story is before you make the cover.
  2. I have some ideas in mind, but I am not talented enough to make them a reality, that’s why I’m looking for an artist. I want to be able to talk with you and share ideas.
    Please message me on instagram: @Melyelaine
    It is easier for me to communicate on instagram.
  3. Spend me some examples of your work, I only want people with experience.
  4. Be ok if I don’t pick your edit but still use in places such as Instagram!
    Please message me on instagram if interested!


I’ll message you via Instagram.


yay go Aly!!! Your art is amazing, so glad to have you on the team. @Melyelaine you’re in good hands with this girl.