In need of Cover Art!


Does anyone know of a good artist who does cover art?
Or, a place online I can go to, so I can make it myself?

Anything helps, so thanks if you can!


u can use picmonkey, photoshop for cover edits, and i can send u some examples of my cover art.


Some samples would be great! Thanks a lot!


Mean_Girls_X7ph_posterThumb_NLKGffAdQC ice_screenshot_20180115-143555


The 2 covers that says Bloodlust:Revenge of the Pure Blood cover arts I made from photoshop and the others I made from picmonkey for my stories.


@JayFlows if you still need help, I can do it?
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Yes I do. Thanks for the help! Would you like me to tag images of characters?


Can you place them on the link above? @JayFlows