In need of cover please help. IDC who you are or what art group you are from I really need a cover


Please help


I can…


I need custom poses but not drawn and amazing editing. Please show your groups best examples.


Hmmm ok



Heres one

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Wow amazing. When will they be online??


Tommrow or today made by @Episode.halle


Hmm. I wish to have someone start on it today. Are any of them online


Yeah you can find her on insta shes mostly there and heres her thread


Are any of your members online??


Yeah but some dont do digtal art


Hmm. Can you send the examples of the ones that do digital art?


It doesn’t have to be drawn


They just have to be able to do custom poses


@Blackshadow.episode does


Can I see examples


Examples of what?




I just made this one


Ok awesome. I need a large and small cover. Characters:

And another character that’s a girl. She’s the mc so you can make her look however you want cus it’s cc.

Description of story- These college kids embark on a huge adventure of drama, comedy, and action as they all are United through a secret club in University.

I want it to have a fun kind of vibe fun bright happy.

Story title- Luna

I want custom poses of your choice.

When I need it done by- any time this week.