In Need Of Cover/Splashes


I Was Wondering If Anyone Of Ya Can Make Me A Cover And Some Splashes For My New Story ! I will Appreciate It So Much ! :heart:️ Comment Below If You Can And I’ll Text You


For your cover would you like drawn or not?


Either Is Fine With Me!


Well I would be able to do the cover…I could draw it! Could you give me an idea of what you want it to look like? And what the characters look like!


@Raybadem might be able to do the splash


Ye sure.


I can do whatever you need here’s my examples.


That’s Amazing !! Thank You So Much !

The title of the story is : Here Comes The Storm
Author: Siani

Here Are The Details For My Character
Face: Oval
Skin: Olive
Hair: Straight & Mint
Eyes: Upturned Bold & White
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Full Round & Raven

Clothing: Black Moto Jacket , Black Swimsuit Top, Any Black Pants And Black Boots

If you can , can she be holding a gun ? The story is about a girl seeking revenge for the death of her parents,

Background : Anything That match’s

You can add anything else that matches the theme if you’ll like


Is it okay if the outfits are different my laptop is fryed so I can’t use the portal.


Ok that sounds good! And do you want her pointing the gun?


And do you need it anytime soon?


They’re Amazing !

The splash I need is the warning one, I forgot what it said lol sorry !

You can use the details down below:

Details :
Face: Oval
Skin : Olive
Hair: straight & Mint
Nose: Soft Natural
Eyes: Upturned Bold & White
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Lips: Full Round & Raven

You can pick everything else <3


those are some splashes I just made


Ofc ! The outfit doesn’t matter


Okay I’m sooo sorry bout that! What do you want on the splash?


Yes please , I would like her pointing the gun and no I don’t need it anytime soon , maybe like 3 weeks but you can take your time !


Ok great that gives me a lot of time… I will get started;)


That’s okay ! I posted it above


Thank you again! :heart: