In need of cover! Will give credit!

Hi, i’m in need of a cover drawn or edited what ever is easier for you. I can send more details if you want to try it. The characters used for the background are:

I would like the characters in different outfits and poses and I can send the SS.
The background d is:

Hope someone can help <3


I can do it if u like :blush:

The eyes will be a bit difficult but I think I can do it if I work hard…( I edit only… I’m bad at drawing )

Hey i’m going to get forever to do it as it will be easy for him to do and if it’s hard for you to do the eyes i don’t want you to struggle <3

THe only reason i’m requesting like this is because i don’t like requesting in shops as it takes to long sorry :neutral_face:

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But u can set your request here and I can do it

Oh right haha well is it easy for you to do?

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Cause all star said it would be hard to do the eyes so if it’s easier for you you can do it instead

Yhea I can

Ok i just told allstar what’s happening thank you<3 And around how long will it take?

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About 5 days ish or 3

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Yep that’s fine thanks

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Don’t worry I read it wrong ahah