In need of cover :)


Can someone help me?
I need a cover for my story, but I really can’t draw, I was wondering if someone could help me and make a cover like seen on the picture but a different background (Red clouds), and he is a vampire, I would want that incoorporated, thank you very much in advance…:slight_smile:
Don’t make it too bloddy, episode will not approve :frowning:

Small Cover

Suggested: For quality, images should be at least 420x580


@Akira_new-writer737 :wink:

Thank you very muv=ch, but it says it’s closed?

You can request here.

Hiii. Pls dont take this serious, i was just playing around with your picture. But i made this:

It’s really not that good, but i was just playing around. Hope you find someone to do your cover tho! Have a great day :heart:

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I like it omg! tysm, can u maybe add the text Blood Lips in cursive letters and blood dripping from his mouth, not a lot

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Oh yeah ofc

So like i made two with the titel (i will make one with your name on it, after you choose) which one do you like the most - feel free to say if you dont like any of them

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The red one is perfect, also can u make the L in lips a big letter?

Yea sure! give me 2 min

Here it is

I dont mind if you find another cover, i only did this for fun so no need to credit me.

Tysm, I’m still going to credit you so what is your episode name x

haha okay. @CherStarwood then :heart: