In Need of Covers + Banners + Art Scenes

Hey guys, it’s Myana.
I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m writing my story right now (follow me on episode @Myana Jade) and I myself am an artist, but I need to save up money for my digital art Wacom tablet so unfortunately I can’t do my own digital art for now.

I’m looking for an artist who is willing to work with me with a cover and art scenes for free since I can’t pay money since I’m a minor. Even though I’m in high school my parents will not allow me to access my bank account until I’m 18.

As an artist myself I totally understand if you are not willing to work with me if you’re not being paid, but I would really appreciate if any of you artists out there are interested? Of course credit will be given in my story.
Here is some information below about my story:

Title: Divination
Author: Myana Jade
Genre(s): Supernatural, Thriller, Romance
Description: Elise was left with seeing visions after the night of her sixteenth birthday. She believes these visions to be innocent– that is until people start turning up dead, and perhaps the strange boy next door knew more than she thought?
Main Characters: Elise Hawthorne (female), Avery Steele (Male), London Shimada (female), Consumer of Souls (witch, female)
Location: Salem
Music Inspiration: Panic Room by Au/Ra
Story Style: INK
(yes a lot of times songs inspire my stories)

• PM me if you would like to work with me and/or need more information.

• I’m accepting to work with multiple artists.

• PM me if you would like to volunteer to make a cover, art scene or banner.

• Reply to this thread if you’d like to showcase an example of your work for me (to see if it’s something I’d be looking for) or for other people.

• This thread is open to artists and people looking for artists.

• PM me if you already plan on working with me and would like details on what I want from the cover, art scene or banner.

• PM me for appearances of characters if you’re interested in working with me

~Myana Jade


Here are some of my work:


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I am not doing many drawn requests but I’ll make a exception if your interested.

Examples Of My Work.

Please do not download, trace, screenshot, edit, photoshop, or do anything with the current or following images.

I like your work, however it doesn’t seem like the type I’m really looking for, but thanks anyway!

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I like your character pieces a lot. You do a really good job with the eyes it’s really brilliant. Would you be interested in doing a piece for the end of every chapter? PM me.

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Yep, sure! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great! Let me know when you need details

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Yeah I went ahead and PM you.

Oh ok…

I said banners tho nothing else…