In need of covers/edits/splashes/banners/overlays/backgrounds for my story

Hey im a new author to the game and ive got really great ideas for this new upcoming story.
Only problem is i SUCK ABSOLUTE ASS WITH ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH ART. I think art is great, i very much appreciate it… but no i was not blessed with a single artistic gene in my body. and you might be thinking, umm honey boo this shit doesnt take any artistical skill or talent its all computer or phone. but you know what, i cant even try to get myself to understand it because its hopeless. Anyways im seeking major help, if you are interested, first of all god bless you and second of all inbox me privately so we can work out details and what you want to do for me wether it be a cover or an overlay or wtv. I would prefer you inbox me on instagram but on here is good too. my insta is: emlass.epi
Anyways if you’ve gotten this far in reading this long ass paragraph you are an absolute angel
and i hope you have a great day:))

I can make them

I would have no problem helping you out

thank you:)) could you make a warning for mature content and strong language please with two of my characters?

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