In need of covers please!

Hi, I need a bit of help with cover art for my story! If anyone is willing to help, that’d be great!

I can!

yea I can help as long as you tell me what they look like ,their outfit , their animation and the backround and if you end up using my backround would you mind giving me credit , oh and please tell me the name of your story

You can do it!

Do you want to aswell?

No, it’s fine. I have a whole waiting list. I think it would be best if you just got it.:smiley:

Ok , I’ve only got one other person to do a backround for right now but they didn’t tell me the animation or backround so I have to wait for them to tell me

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Hey, would you mind giving me credit in the story because I don’t like the people who I make backrounds for and then they say that they made them

Me? Of course!

Ok thx

Btw it will probably be ready in two days maybe I don’t know its depending on how hard it is

Oh and sry I didn’t tell you before but it will be hard for me to find this forum later on so would you mind going onto my forum for backrounds thx

Sure, I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

Ok thx

I have a realistic art cover giveaway right now, maybe you might want to take a look at that on my page. :slight_smile: