In need of Covers / Splash

Hi there! So as you can see I’m in need of Covers and Splashes and I need them in around 1-2 weeks.
Title of your story: College Days: Powerless
Pictures/Descriptions of your Characters and Animations (optional):

Fallen.jpg310x650 64.1 KB

(I want her doing animation Fall but she’s on the ground)
Cover type: Small and large
Backround/Colours I want the College days: color to be Orange whilst the Powerless would be red. I want the backround to be a completely black backround and the title to be College Days: on top of the girl (she’s in the middle of the backround) and then the Powerless below the girl bolded with fire around it
Sound Splash:
If possible I’d like a white backround with maybe music notes spread around it?
I’d like my main character doing the animation shown below:

And i’d like the text to say “This story uses sound, turn your volume up” in blue color.

If this is possible then thank you! I’ll credit you anyway you’d like!

I can do the splash but not the cover cause I’m kinda vusy. Can you send me the detail of the character and the outfits?

You can checkout my art shop if you need help in the future! Silver_Shadow art shop!

I’ll send you the details when I’m finished school!

Hey! I can do them if you want! If you want them drawn, I can also do them :slight_smile:
Just reply to me and some details/extras if you want any and if you want it drawn or not :grinning:

Skin color: Tan
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Hair: Classic Bob(Blue Light)
Eyes: Upturned Bold(Green)
Face Shape: Round
Nose: Elven
Lips: Blossom Lips(Orange)
Thank you!

Sorry I already got someone making the cover and someone making the splash! Thank you thought

I try to get it done as soon as possible!

Okay thank you!

Here’s your splash! If you think it’s too much feel free to ask me to redo it.

Thank you!! It’s awesome! How would you like me to credit you?

My forum name would be fine cauz I don’t have instagram.