In need of covers/splashes/overlays? (open) free

Hiyah :smile:
If you need some covers, splashes, edits, overlays, i’m here.

If you would like one fill out below.

Splash: character and pose png
Cover: Character and pose png
Height difference if two characters
Author name
Name of story
Overlay: item


could you do splashes for LL? :slight_smile:

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Sure I just need the characters and poses (I don’t make the characters, I’m short on internet) and background and your author name,storyname

Story name: Back To You- By: Fallondgem

For the cover, id like all of these characters to be on it.
I’ll put their names in order from left to right:
Chase, Alex, Lily, Rose (center), Nikolas, Traven, Dominic
Could you flip Nikolas Traven and Dominic to be facing Rose so everyone is facing center?
This could be the Background. Or if you have any other suggestions for a background thats kinda dark or something like that could you send me them with who to give the credits to? Im open to a lot!

This is Rose the main Char.

This is Nikolas, the second main char.

This is Lily, Rose’s best friend.

This is Alex, Lily’s Boyfriend.

This is Dominic, Nikolas’ friend.

This is Traven, Nikolas’ right hand.

This is Chase, Alex’s best friend.

I’ll send you the poses for the splashes in a couple minutes! Thank YOU!

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Ok but I need height differences like who’s tallest who’s taller than who and how close you want them

And will this be small or large cover so I make sure all the characters fit into place

whats the difference between a small and a large cover? im new to writing on episode! lol

Small is the cover you see when you first look at the story large is the one when you click on it

Nikolas 6’ 2"
Traven 6’ 3"
Chase 6’
Dominic 5’ 11"
Alex 6’ 2"
Rose 5’ 5"–> with heels: 5’8"
Lily 5’ 6" --> with heels: 5’9"

I don’t know my heights can you just tell me who’s taller than who

Tallest to shortest:
Traven, Nikolas & Alex, Chase, Dominic, Lily, Rose

Ill send you the poses with each cover! give me a couple min and ill send my ideas with them. ty :slight_smile:

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Could you use these 2 poses for the small cover? and could the background be on fire ? Like buildings or something like that! Also Rose facing right and Nikolas facing left! :slight_smile:

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Could you send a fire background I’m short on data

And I don’t have good service I live in the country

Could you use this one for the small cover?

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Sure thing

ty sm!

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Is this alright?

Could you possibly make Alex and Rose a smidge taller? and the font for By: Fallondgem & the cover by: ghosty something similar to the titles font? :slight_smile:

oh and could you make Lily be standing infant of Alex? kinda like hes keeping her close! lol

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