In need of custom art for cover and actual story <3

Hey all, I need some assistance! If there are any artists out there who can make one or more art scenes or covers for my story, that would be amazing! If you reply to this and think you can, we can discuss details, or you can just dm me on instagram. My insta is @christina.baldosaro. If you aren’t an artist but know of one who can lend a hand, could you please let me know? Thank you loves!


R u thinking of a request or a commission one

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What style is it?

what do you mean by commission one?

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it’s in ink!

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I could probably do it depending on the pose you want!

omg really!? if so, then can we discuss details?

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a commission is a paid art. let me know if you need that, my commissions are currently open!
here are some of my examples!

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Hi!! I would love to help you out :heart_eyes:


More examples

Let me know if you’re interested :blush::heart:

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By commision one she means pay a artist to make the cover.

Of course! On insta or on here through Pm