In need of digital art cover


I’m writing a new story about a girl who enters a singing competition and becomes a singer.
i would really love it if someone could do either:

A girl with blonde hair and pink lips, hazel eyes who is singing

Or a pink aesthetic of a microphone, music notes and makeup and some ‘girly’ items.

I would really love it if someone could do a DIGITAL art cover!!:grinning:

I will also credit you so don’t worry :blush:


hehe, thx :grin:

Hi, sorry i didn’t reply yesterday!
I really love your covers, but I have two questions:

  1. Do you do splash covers?
    2)Do you also do Limelight?

I can help too

BTW any update and Astowolf?? About the art I sent in

Is it fine if you can do a large cover for me? :sweat_smile: