In need of doctor advice for my story!

In my story my character went through years of abuse and is now is hospital after suffering a bullet to the hip .I was wondering if after the years of abuse she went through if it could’ve caused complications for her surgery that she went into after being shot. She hasn’t been abused in 3 years though could this still cause complications for her surgery as I tried to search it up on google and couldn’t find anything to help me out so I thought I would ask someone on here and see if anyone could help me out!


You’d need to be more specific when you say that they were ab/sed (It’s a massive topic that’s difficult to categorise).

I.e =

  • What sort of injuries did they obtain during the ab/se?
  • How severe were the injuries?
  • How long did the ab/se last?

& more…

When I say ‘be more specific’, I don’t mean you need to describe what the injuries look like or anything similar. I basically mean that you need to describe the extent (i.e = they broke their leg which landed them in hospital for ‘x’ amount of time) or (i.e = they ended up in a coma for ‘x’ amount of years)

You may get more help for being more specific but in the correct ways (:

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To try to summarize everything that happened to her is she was abuse for about 14 years in multiple different ways beating, being shot, broken bones, being stabbed …etc. Nothing was really in one place when she was abused as she received multiple injures of different kinds on her body. I’m manly trying to figure out if she had scar tissue from past traumas if it could cause complications for her surgery. That I could use in the story as I’m trying to make her LI realize the extent of her past. I hope this helps! If you need more info you can leave another comment.

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I’ve PMed u since I have a few questions relating to the plot of your story that’s getting quite confusing (:

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