In need of drawn cover art



I need some drawn over art for my new story, any help will be appreciated!


I would love to draw your cover art!
Please go to this thread if your interested :wink:


I can do it! Would you like examples? I have three styles.


This is style one (not just for limelight btw.)

This is style two.

And this is style three.


Those are amazing but I already found someone :’( , but if you want to make splashes for me then let me know!


I can make splashes for you, if you want me too :wink:


AH! Sounds good, what do I need to fill out?


Please fill this out for splash requests

What kind of cover art/small or large?:
Character details:
Character outfits (I do custom outfits):
Poses (I do custom poses):
Background Describe or Upload
Authors name:
Theme of cover or splash:
Anything else?