In need of episode friends 😢

I am kinda new here and I didn’t really made any friends and I feel kinda lonely. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an antisocial I’ve interracted with people but never became friends…or maybe we did and I don’t know about it. Anyway if you are just like me and you are looking for and OFFICIAL friendship with someone I’m here. Also PM me your age bc if you are under 14 or over 20 I don’t think we’ll have something in common to talk about


Do you have any gmail account for me to PM you

Here is okay, or do you need my Instagram?

its okay for me

So you need friends that are older than 14 or 14 but are younger than 20. right?

So, I am turning 15 in 3 months

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having younger or older friends bc IRL I have way older friends than me. I mention the age bc I don’t know what I could talk about with someone who is 27 or 10. You know what I mean?

Well that’s true we can’t talk to people that won’t even understand what we are talking about

I’m available if you need a friend?
I can PM you my Instagram name!

(Not under 14 or over 20)

Hey there! I can be your friend! If you have instagram then tell me your ID so we can talk there😁

My instagram is : vanessah.episode

Hey, I’m Vivainah and I’ll be more than happy to be your friend!!!
Here’s my Instagram

Hey, I would be happy to be your friend. :grinning:
Here is my Instagram

Totally up for chatting to people around age 15-20 :see_no_evil:
Carrying on from what is mentioned above, I can talk to others (I don’t have a problem with it) I just feel I wouldn’t be able to relate easily ahah
Here’s my Instagram
Dm me! I’d love a chat :slight_smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: