In need of even MORE DRAMA

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Been a while since I last posted anything here. Long time ago I was looking for drama to get my story started. The story is under revamp now, and I need some more to keep it going!
First post here — you can totally check it out for some more insight on the story.

Spoiler alert!!! Here's the situation the characters are currently in, so you can get a better understanding of what I need right now:

MC is kidnapped. She moves to a cabin in the mountains with her captor aka LI aka James in Episode 6, because basically whole country was looking for her :upside_down_face: So! They’re in this cabin, no living soul in a 5 miles radius and still around 5 more episodes to go.

I need some small problems, minor troubles, tiny bit of drama or just any special event really (I even considered skiing. Turned out to be nearly impossible to code though, so I scratched that idea), to build their relationship before the climax (which I already have planned).
Any help is greatly appreciated! And if you’re to share your idea with me and would like to get credited for it, please mention it as well! Much love :heart:


Maybe figure out some way to twist the plot into that she actually kidnapped him! Or, that he didn’t kidnap her, but maybe a relative did, but anyways…

Maybe have them go ice skating on a pond, have him make her his ‘Special Hot Cocoa’ recipe :wink:

Have them stay up all night, looking out the window at the stars and the moon…

Funny One:
Have a Moose break in, and have James and her scare it away :joy:

That’s all I got…
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I love drama, here’s my suggestions:

  • You mentioned the MC being kidnapped by the LI, no? So I would imagine what occurs here is the MC is trying to break free, no matter the costs, even if there’s no one in plain sight. And when I mean break free, I mean break free, like seducing the LI if you have to.

  • They would get into arguments: I dont know if your MC is the stubborn kind, but if this LI is somewhat considerate and they offer the MC water or food, then the MC could use their stubbornness to figure out something behind the LI’s back, regarding escaping.

  • The LI has family issues involved, or just in general: What if the LI has some kind of family issues? Like mentioned before, I have no clue about your story but if the LI has parents or a boss, or simply siblings, that could cause some conflict. Like, the LI has an older sister who’s pregnant, or the LI must keep her alive secretly because the LI has a boss who is offering some reward for them.(just an ex)

  • The MC has her family searching for her: First things first, if the MC has any people who care for them, obviously they would be worried sick and have this huge search party involving the authorities and everyone the MC possibly knows. This portion could be like scenes jumping back and forth, portraying the MC’s previous life pre-kidnapped.

  • The LI leads off whoever are searching for the MC: In order for this to work, I would imagine the MC has to have some sort of family/friends who are worried about her, like mentioned above. If you think about it, if there’s a huge search party in looks for the MC, then what if the LI figures out that the MC’s family are catching on and leads them to false evidence. Like a note in the park with a riddle saying the MC is in a gas station being held hostage, as an example.

  • The LI catches feelings causing the MC to stay longer in captivity: Let’s say this LI catches feelings for the MC after a certain amount of time and feels guilty about what they did? But not necessarily “release” them right? What if they feel guilty on one side of themselves, but the other doesn’t want to let the MC flee because they’ve developed feelings? (Plus the threats they could’ve received and urge to keep their word/reward to their ‘boss’)

That’sssss all I got…

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Maybe she’s not well-inversed in the ways of surviving outdoors and he could be against her learning because he doesn’t want to increase her chances of escaping but eventually he comes to slowly teach her things and watch her “grow.”?

Or you could even reverse it, she’s the one who’s handy in the outdoors and he isn’t despite him being the kidnapper and she teases him about it (maybe?), and could eventually teach him things here and there.

Small things to fight over as well as get closer over:

  • Creating a fire.
  • Gathering wood.
  • Foraging for food and water.
  • Distinguishing what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten.
  • Hunting.
  • Creating traps.
  • Washing clothes in the nearest river/lake.
  • Identifying tracks.
  • Using the shadows as a clock.

They could also stumble across beautiful scenery for some scenes which could add to a more romantic atmosphere too.

Other things they could fight over?

  • She’s not useful enough.
  • She talks too much.
  • She can’t keep wearing his clothes.
  • She refuses to bathe. :joy:
  • Her constantly complaining about being kidnapped.
  • Her constantly complaining about being outdoors:
    — Complaints about mosquitoes, flies, bugs.
    — Complaints about dirt.
    — Complaints about no running water.
    — Complaints about no flushing toilet. :grimacing:
    — Complaints about the taste of the food.

@Raitlyn AaaAAA that’s some cute shit right there! Love it!!! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: Definitely adding those :laughing:

@IrisLevont Oh gawd, that’s so many good ideas! Thank you SO MUCH! :heart:

@schittwriter Love love LOVE those, wish I could use them all! :pleading_face: Thanks sooo much! :heart::heart::heart:


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