In Need of Fantasy Backgrounds

I’m entering the new story contest on Episode called: Fantastical. I’m looking for fantasy backgrounds for my story. Here’s what the story is about:
• This story involves a prince from another world
• He is sent to Earth by the king and queen to see how a “normal” teenager would act.
• One of his protectors is from Earth, and she has a family. So the prince is sent to live with her and her family.
• No one outside of his protector’s family is to know that he is a prince.
• He goes to high school as a teenage boy would.
• He meets a girl, who he finds very beautiful and is instantly attracted to her.
• For a moment, he forgets that he is a prince and thinks he is a normal teenager.
• When he goes to his protector’s home that night, he tells the protector about it.
• The protector informs the prince that he is not to fall in love because it could affect his next title and could jeopardize his title to become king, because this girl is a commoner.
• The protector tells the prince that she would have to report this information to the King and Queen if this behaviour persists any further.
• The Prince says he should be able to do whatever he wants, as he could be King one day.

I’m in need of the following backgrounds:
• A Castle and different rooms for it.

Also, if you have any ideas of what other backgrounds I can use for this story, please let me know.

Thank you.

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