In need of female names!

Hoi, urm I need names that have a unique meaning its for my female character!


Lmaoo I just look them up…

but my name means dark, even though it has a “y” in it…

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U can use mine; Freya means noblewoman, goddess of fertility n so n so…

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Aggie :heart: Version of Agatha; means “good woman”.
Beatrice🧡 means “she who brings happiness".
Carolee :yellow_heart: means “free”.
Kseniya :green_heart: means “a guest”.
Lilia💙 means “a lily”.
May💜 means “pearl”.
Mirabella💖 means “wonderful”.

P.S; Please don’t go with trendy and kinda weird names, e.x Rayleigh, Graysona, Silver, Kristela,


Hilde I think means battle, I’m not sure which language it is

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There good names but I’m looking for something with extraordinary meaning idk how to explain it :persevere:

Figure out what her personality is first, then look up names that match/mean it

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Give a go. I use it when I have a character in-mind but find choosing a name over-whelming.

What is your character like? o: