In need of friends


so ive seen lots of authors and editors with friends in the episode sommunity i dont know if im the only one that feels this wa but i thinkit would be fun and cool to have a friend who love episode and writing/editing/reding just as much as i do, so i have someone to talk to about episode stuff with out annoying my friends who dont like episode… so if you want DM on instagram my instagram is @ash.episode._
if you have a instagram drop it down below for others to find you, also use this topic to promote your storys and make new friendships :metal::cherries::heart:





I know how you feel, I’m in a small town and noone here has even heard of Episode. I think I’d like that! my Instagram is @ashley.brucker_episode


trust me i live in a small town as well, and they call episode a baby game, so its pretty hard to find anyone who actually likes episode with out being bullied for liking a baby game


I’ve actually found some very mature stories, but yeah, a lot of people think that I’ve noticed


yeah same ive found lots of mature storys, some of which i wish i hadnt but its not a baby game is you look past the episode featured storys…


LMAO! Exactly! I had to show my boyfriend one, just so he’d believe me




Whatttt that is sooooooo not right


I just joined the forums and I need friends lol. I’m very lonely!

My instagram is anaaa.episode


Hey there! I’m Andrea, I just joined the forums two days ago. My instagram is @andreal.stories. Feel free to chat me :smile:!


Hey there Ana :joy:!


Heyyy lol. We meet again! :joy: I’m about to go follow you on instagram


I’m actually doing some school works, but talking to people in the episode forum is way more fun :joy:


Lmao, righttttt?!!


When did you start playing episode?


Last year in November. You?


Back in 2015 but I wasn’t hooked to it yet, last year was the year I declared Episode is life. :joy:


Lol :joy: it’s just such a great app. It’s helps me sooo much in sooo many ways.


I’ve learned life lessons from Episode too. Its just A M A Z I N G :two_hearts:.