In need of good suggestions

What is a good photo editor app for pc to use without paying for it monthly to use it? (Basically, asking what photo editor app has great or good quality is and is free to use. And that is similar to photoshop.)


I haven’t used this one because Im an ipad user, but I’ve heard that gimp is a really great website to use.

I’ve heard gimp is a good one too . Haven’t tried it because you need a PC for it but I don’t have a PC . Hope this helps :blob_hearts:

ive sworn by pixlr for years, think its better than gimp imo

I like using IBIS Paint X. I typically use that for Instagram posts right now, but in the past I used it to make edits or enter in outline competitions.

I use G.I.M.P. and the G’MIC plug in (a literal ton of filters and fixers for images) both are completely free.
You can also get great fonts from that are downloadable and free. (When you install a new font, you have to close gimp and reopen for it to be in your list of Fonts. :slight_smile: )

example of a bg I made with GIMP

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