In need of help! Again lol ;)


Hey guys! I’m in need of a new small and large cover for my new story :slight_smile:

If any of you guys could help me get it done within the next 3 days then please let me know!

You will be credited in my story

Things to include:

  1. Title - Bewitched the Alpha
    2: Authors name - Taylah
    3: You can put your name on too if you’d like :kissing_heart:
  2. Small cover should include the love interest and MC and of course the above things

  1. Large cover should include the MC, Love interest and Love interests child (The child is the girl with black hair and she is only 7)

Thanks in advance! :grin:


Episode harmony can


Whats the text color and title


I can make your small cover!


Thank you so much I would love that! Do you need any other information?


@Kalizzza wanna do small


What background would you like for it?


I’ll send it right now :slight_smile:


I’m already doing the small cover @epy.raven, we responded at the same time! :wink:


Lets make it a contest


Here’s the background :smile:


Woah, there’s another spot left… I don’t wan a start any stupid rivalry, if you’re that desperate then be my guest, but we got here at the same time :joy:


Thank you!


Maybe @Epy.raven you could do the large cover :smile:




Cough cough

What bout this text



I love it! :heart_eyes:


Or this


I’ll work on it a little later. That cool?


Uhh I love them both haha :joy: You can decide :smiley: