In need of help for advanced directing

Hi, hello!

I’m currently working on a little something something and I’ve been learning all the coding for like a year now and I’d say I became more or less advanced. But there are certain things that I can’t seem to figure out but really would like to use. Disclaimer: The examples taken are from Evil Ebonni’s story ‘‘Adrenaline’’.

1. How do people make animated intros? Like explosions etc., let’s take her intro as an example. Or the one from the story ‘‘Brothers’’ because it just looks so effing good!

2. In the first episode of Adrenaline, I’ve been wondering ever since, she has those heartbeat skips between scenes (backgrounds, clothing, actions) and the changes go faster and faster, not even a second. How do you do that?

Thanks to everyone in advance, I’d be happy to see one or two replies!


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For intros you can use overlays with overlays animations.

As for that scene in Adrenaline, you just need to change a lot of scenes and place characters on the screen in each one of them and write pauses in the scenes, really short pauses like @pause for 0.3 for example.
For the animations you can use & and “starts” before the pauses and in that way the characters do the animations while they are on the screen which is the time you write in the pauses.

(btw I read Adrenaline, I remember that the MC was the pose at the end of “shush” most of the time and started like that, if you don’t know how to do that, you can ask, I’ll tell)

Hey, thank you very much! I’m positive I will happen to use those things in my story sooner or later, your explanation was very helpful. Exactly, I’ve seen a lot of stories with characters starting with endings of certain behaviors and I have always wondered how that works! Could you tell me?

Yes, gladly :wink:

To start the scene with a character in the end of the animation, you have to use a non looping animation and have at least 1 scene before that, no matter what scene can be even an intro cover/ warning in the beginning of an episode, just a scene.

You’ll have to spot a character off screen or somewhere random in scale 0.
Use both & and “starts” to make the character do the animation, when you’ll start the next scene just don’t make that character do anything else and right in the beginning spot/ place it somewhere on- screen and it will be in the end of that animation.

NOTE: it won’t show in the web preview, only on mobile and it will work perfectly in your story when you’ll publish it.

To make characters get into end of animations in the middle of a scene, you can either zoom/ pan/ cut to somewhere else in the scene while the character is doing that animation
or you can use a “twin” character to spot somewhere off screen and make it do the animation and when you want the character to suddenly freeze just make that twin spot in the place of the character you have on screen and the character you have on screen already you can just remove or do the same for later and just spot it off screen.
You can make the characters have the same display name and make them look the same it will look like the same one.