In need of help for my 2 stories


I already have the plot for both my stories, lack of motivation for both my stories.

‘Trouble and Lies’ has 6 chapters published working on 7 but having trouble with working out what will happen in chapter 7.

‘The boy without a voice’ isn’t published yet, still working on the first chapter, and I know the plot of the story but having trouble working out how I want the first few chapters to go atm, it’s about twins boy and girl the eldest is the boy Gus who doesn’t speak his sister is talkative Gus went through something traumatic which caused him to talk to no one but his sister, he was always quiet but just got worse. Gus and his sister Eliza befriend bad boy and bad girl brother and sister duo who are new to the school.


I can help with the following ideas…


i can help u


Thank you, the first one I want to really focus on first is Trouble and Lies it’s been a couple weeks since I last updated :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:


Okay… pm me or contact me on Instagram @shona_episode and we can talk there.


I messaged you on insta.