In need of help please thank u

So i keep getting this error and im not sure why.

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Have u tried refreshing the page?

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Where it says “Light hair colors” you need to move it to the right so it’s indented.

Yes I did and it still says the same thing :frowning:

I did that as well and it still says the same thing

For the option on line 1503 you haven’t opened or closed an ‘{ }’'s.

Can you show me what your codes like for the hair choice?

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Try replacing line 1507 with

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

I think you deleted a bit of code.

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Okay and can I see the code you have the issue with again closer up?


image the writing needs to be laid out like above.

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Alright that problem has been fixed!! Now I have more🤦:weary::joy:

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Thank you!

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