In Need of Help with my Dance Scenes *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Hey everyone!
So far, my entry for the Dirty Dancing contest is coming along pretty well. But I’m stumped on the dance scenes. I know where I want them to happen in my script - I just can’t think of creative ways to code using the actions currently available! I don’t want Baby and Johnny to JUST slow dance, grind, or do the lift! I want to make something creative but am having a little writer’s block!

If anyone can help, I can give you a shoutout in my story as well as help you with whatever you need! Also you’ll earn my eternal gratitude lol!


If you look in the script template in the writer forum there is a script there with a dance scene


Thanks! I’ve already checked those out but I’m hoping (with the help of someone else) I can come up with something more original! I don’t want to use the same dance sequence every story is already using!


So how do you want it to be?