In need of help with overlays


Okay those are good now how would i use them in my episode (like move them around)

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Not right now but i’ll let you know if so

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Not sure sorry


@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 0 0 in 0 (choose where you want your overlay to be)
@overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0 (choose the size of your overlay)
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 0 (if you want to be in front or behind your character)

If you want your overlay to be higher or lower add:

@overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.1 1.1 in 1 (change scales and time as you need)

If you need your overlay to fade, change opacity to be under 1 .


Why is the overlay just staying at the bottom of the screen instead of moving ?


check out this guide. if you have questions, Dara can help you in a couple weeks when shes back from her vacation. plus, there are always people around that can help. not me, but other people lol. i havent tried to animate overlays yet. good luck!

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How do you want to move this overlay?

I right part (on top of your character in your picture) you have Directing Helper. -> Then you go to Overlay Helper. -> On the left will appear other options: Switch tool: Move/Scale and other options.
Use this option to put your overlay to his place.
After that, copy your new codes that would appear under preview area and put them under your background name.

(will be something like this (example):
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 123 123
@overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.800 0.800

Change @ with & if you want your overlay to be on screen when your background appears.

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When i am doing that the overlay stays in the same spot it’s not moving to where i put it


When you put your overlay with your background name, if you want to change your zone add on your shift 320 for each zone.
You have now 149 . To be on zone 2, put 469 and you’ll have it on zone 2. If you need it in zone 3, add another 320.

I’ve had same problem on my overlays and it work on me.

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It is still not working

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Please, make an print screen on where is now and where you want to be and I’ll try to fix it.



I figured it out


Do you have fire overlays that could go on the bottom of the screen?

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Yes I do

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Click here

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Do you have a instagram so i can give credit


Yes rayrayepi04

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