In Need of Help

I know that I’m doing this right but why does the porter have a problem with me directing my overlays? I know they’re correct…

1 0 ??? do you mean 10 or 1 i n 0 becasue there is a space inbetween the one and zero after shifts to.

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if it still doesnt work maybe try using the & after the 1 0

I don’t know… Please look at this.

Girl doesn’t it bother you that everything is so close together??? Use intro to leave spaces between the lines that makes it more readable and help you find errors faster

Character and overlay names cannot contain the word AND because the script thinks you’re trying to use the AND command. You will need to reupload your overlay and name it “JO CAM COVER INTRO” without the word AND

I know what you’re saying is constructive but I’ve been writing like this since the beginning. It doesn’t bother me at all that my writing looks too close together but I appreciate your time for leaving a comment here.

Thank you so much for helping me out! Sending loves to you! :black_heart:

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