In need of injury overlays!


Hey all! If any of you have any injury e.g blood, cuts, bruises, swollen eye overlays that are make specifically for INK episode characters and that are clear enough that the readers can tell that the character is injured, please comment or PM me! It would be much appreciated.

I am not using these overlays to glorify violence or any form of abuse, it’s just to enhance a scene where a criminal is standing and she’s injured from a fight she’s been through.

Thank you so much in advance!



Search it over here you might find something that you need…


Hey there! It says her shop is closed :frowning: Thank you so much for helping though :kissing_closed_eyes:


No, I meant scroll the page you will definitely find some bruises over there…


Oh sorry! Will do! Thank so much girl :smiley:


Did you find the overlays you were looking for? :slight_smile:


Here is a script template for the overlay where the arms are used to hug someone. Mine is when she was injured, so it might not benefit you as much, but still hope it helps.

@TYRONE starts idle_sad and ORIENTA starts sleep_sitting and ORIENTA faces right and ORIENTA spot 0.838 52 -6 and TYRONE spot 0.898 88 -13 and TYRONE faces right
@overlay DARKGESTUREM create
@overlay DARKGESTUREM shifts to 1 -22
@overlay DARKGESTUREM scales to 0.410 0.410
@overlay DARKGESTUREM opacity 1
@overlay DARKCLENCHM create
@overlay DARKCLENCHM shifts to -6 -43
@overlay DARKCLENCHM scales to 0.468 0.468
@overlay DARKCLENCHM opacity 1
@overlay WOUND1 create
@overlay WOUND1 shifts to 84 106
@overlay WOUND1 scales to 0.239 0.239
@overlay WOUND1 opacity 1
@overlay WOUND4 create
@overlay WOUND4 shifts to 104 128
@overlay WOUND4 scales to -0.090 -0.090
@overlay WOUND4 opacity 1
@zoom on 54 108 to 373% in 2.0
@pause for 3

oh and btw its not mine
its from feck.b


Thank you so so much! I’ll definitely keep this in mind when coding my story! :kissing:


Yes! Please close this topic thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: