In Need Of INK Background Characters!



Hey guys I’m in need of background characters for my story Mr Bond’s Murder so drop by your character details along with a casual outfit.So that I can add them in my story.The first 10 will get a chance to be a background character in my story.4 girls while 3 boys are needed
Thank you



This is Georgia






Where do you guys do those stuff? Imma dumb


What do you mean?


The Episode Writer’s Portal.


You have to go on Episode interactive, to the portal (first login with your email or through Facebook), then click on start new story. From here, after you name your story and fill out details for it, then you will click on characters to create one, name it and choose an outfit for it. You don’t even have to write a story, but you do need to create one in order to make a character and customize it. Hope you understood this and no, don’t call yourself dumb please!


2 girls an 1 guy for you


And I have Matt who is just like Vince but with purple hair… they are brothers… Matt is older…



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