In need of INK background characters


Like the title says, I need a good amount of background characters for my upcoming story that I’m currently in the process of writing because I find it a pain to make up random characters on the spot :sleeping:
Please feel free to respond or message me with your character details!


Hi I was hoping I couldo your backgrounds



Of course! I’ve been trying to look for some on google actually but none of them were really what i was looking for. :grin:


Thanks a lot! What should I put as your display name though?




Yes um so you need background chracters so when do you need it by


okay thanks!


Oh you meant background CHARACTERS, haha
Sorry, I misunderstood :sweat_smile:
I don’t really have a deadline since I’m still on the first 2 episodes, so anytime you can I guess :grin:




Thanks so much!


Here ya go! :wink: I’d love to be a background character.



do u still need some characters


Yeah I do lol


u can use some of mine


if u want


I’d be so grateful if I could, actually :sweat_smile:


do u want me to send osme pics


Yeah pls :raised_hands: