In need of INK CHARACTERS for a story!


Hey it’s me again Rachel lol… I’m helping co-write a story for a friend and we’re in need of INK character’s with your name…

The story name is Life like this

The first person from each super natural creature will be on the cover

The Male Mc is the 1st Leader of The good vampires

We’re looking for:
Good Vampires (Male or Female)
2nd Leader

Evil Vampires (Male or Female)
1st Leader
2nd Leader

Werewolves (Male or Female)
1st Leader
2nd Leader

Angels (Female)

Witches (Female)
Evil Queen /(Witch)

Wizards (Male)
Devils (Male or Female)
Evil Devil (Male or Female)

Dark Angels (Male or Female)

Genie (Male or Female)

Fairies (Female)
Fairy Queen

AND Extras

You’ll ALL have a SUPER ABILITY… except for the extras

Thanks In advance

~Rachel and ~Izzy




Can I be a vampire? :slight_smile:
Name: Lila
Body: light
Brow: seductive round
Hair: beach wavhe hair cayenne
Eyes: round bold taupe
Face: oval
Nose: elven
Lips: full round bordeaux


Sure thank you…


No problem :slight_smile: tell me when you publish it ^^


Sure will do





werewolf please her names Night


Black Diva Curls
Almond Luxe Eyes Brown
Ruby Red Classic Lips
Elven Nose
Honey Skin
Round Face Thick Flat eyebrows


Sure np


can i be a werewolf?




I’m updating the role in the story…


thank you my details are
skin tone light
brows soft angled
nose soft natural
hair beach wave fawn
face oval
eyes upturned bold brown
lips classic scarlet


No thank you…


Can I be a fairy queen ^-^?


Yeah np


Name - Jadlyss
Skin - Tan
Brows - Seductive Arch
Hair - Straight (Black)
Eyes - Upturned Luxe (Taupe)
Face - Round
Nose - Upturned
Lips - Full Round (Rosewood)


Thank you


Genie, please! You can choose a different outfit if you want!