In need of intros/outros

Hello to everyone :wave: I want to ask if there’s someone who is making intros and outros. I’ll be so happy if i find someone, 'cuz i’m an art invalid :smile: Thank you :heart:


I can help. Just need the details and how the intros and outros should be.

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Mmm what is intros/outros as I suck in short forms vey much😅

Uhm If I have to be honest I don’t know what full names are :smile: The intro is that art scene/or drawing/ before the beginning of the story, usually it shows the name of the story,the characters, ugh i don’t know how to describe it :sweat_smile: you have seen it on literally every beginning of the chapter and the outro is practically the same but in the end :laughing:

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Can you do them in Limelight,since my story is in this style. :blush:

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Ohh I can do that if you want??

@Sydney_H Can you close the topic? :hugs:

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Well, how should the intro and outro be like?
What characters do you want me to put in it?

Closed by OP request. :smiley: