In need of LimeLight Cover Art

Hey guys so I need a cover for my story I’m giving you full freedom just need you make sure my people look like them as close as possible.

These are my 2 main characters

The name of my story is

My Rockstar Best Friend
By: Brooke M.

Just a small background about my story:
Isabella and Axel have been friends before birth their moms were high school best friends they share the same birthday and they are neighbors, eventually they fall in love but not till the end. the name of the band is “No Rest for Zombies” his two other band mates are as followed they can be in the cover as well and also Isabella’s girl best friend…

I would like it as soon as you are able to get it to me. Thanks <3 much love
Brooke M.

I can make it.

I can make you one.

Please do girl :green_heart::green_heart: thank you

I’m done. Tell me if I need to do anything else or change something.


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love it thanks so much

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Anytime! :kissing_heart: