In need of limelight hand overlays!

Hello! Does anyone know an animation I can use to make an overlay of a character’s hand, like open?? I’m not exactly sure how to explain it but I need something that looks like this:

I can make you a drawn overlay if that’s what you’re after?

Really? That would be amazing!!

Yeah I can do it, I would just need to know if it’s male or female so I can adjust the finger tips since the outline I made has nails. And also would need the skin tone, and tattoo(s) name if they have any.

Wow that looks amazing!!
The skin tone is neutral 04 and the character is female and she doesn’t have tattoos :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to add scrape marks on the palms?
Thank you so much!! I will definitely credit you btw!!

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Yeah I can add them in for you, I’ll get back to you in a bit with it :relaxed:

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Thank you so much!! :))

Is this good or do you want me to change anything?

off topic, but girl this looks amazing :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :smiling_face:

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Hi this looks really good!
Would it be okay if I added some things myself?
Of course I will still credit you!

Yeah that’s fine just make sure to credit me

Of course! Do you have an Insta I can credit or should I use your forum name?

My Instagram is @ryder_epii