- In need of LL background characters, pls help me. -

Hello it’s me! :blob_hearts:

I’m writing a zombie Apocalypse story and I need some LL background characters.
You can be: (I choose the names and clothes)

  • a student/teacher
  • a fan
  • a zombie
  • or just a random character


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LL or INK?

LL :sweat_smile:

Ok, here’s one!

Thank you! Do u just want to be a random background character?

Well, whatever you like, but I feel like being a zombie would be cool! :crazy_face:


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can she be a zombie? lol

Yess, thank you!

You choose whatever role for them





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You’re welcome :wink:

I can be a teacher or a student. And let me know when you publish your story!!

Okay, Thank you!

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Of course! :slight_smile:

Sure, go ahead :smile:

Of course!

lol this is late but sure!

Here you go,you can chose whatever role you want for them :blush::revolving_hearts: