In need of LL outfits!

Hi everyone! Could someone make me a few outfits for my characters in Limelight. I would like to have different casual looking outfits, both male and female. I’m espesially looking for a casually hot female outfit. But also cool, cute and hip outfits. I would very much appreciate the help and I will give credit!

Thank you!

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Can we use our own outfits?

Hi @Teatree if you want you can check out my Outfits Shop here! I’d love to help you!

Yes thank you @lazy_donut !

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Yes if you want @kim_story!


I already have some outfits in different colors (red, yellow, green, blue and purple). You can check them and see if any of them work for you!

Hoodie / Denim

Flannel / Black Skirt


Turtleneck / Black & White


White Dress / Leather


Silver Turtleneck / Rainbow Skirt


Omg thank you so much @fmr.episode I love them!!! :blob_hearts:

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I’m glad you liked them :slight_smile:

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I opened an Outfit Shop not too long ago Luna’s Outfit Shop :dizzy: check it out!

I have an outfit shop called Pika’s Clothes! You can request there

I will, thanks!:blob_hearts:

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Thanks, i will! :blob_hearts:

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