In need of more chararters INK

Writing a story and I need more characters if you would like to be in it then plz put the following
your characters name
skin tone
how long you want your hair
hair color
eye shape
eye color (no black, red, or purple)
face shape
nose shape
lip shape
and if you want to be ONE these
Fairy(good or evil)
Witch (girls only) (good or evil)
And then give tell me something interesting about your charterer
If your a vampire please pick one of these unless you were bit by a vampire then you can have the other skin tones
white, ivory, porcelain, dune


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skin tone: Light
HairStyle: Fishtail Braid
hair color: Coral
brow: Defined Natural
eye shape: Upturned Feline
eye color (no black, red, or purple): Green
face shape: Soft Heart
nose shape: Refined
lip shape: Classic
Lip color: Bordeaux

Witch (Evil)

Idont know what is considered interesting. But she hates animals other than wolves

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Fairy (evil)

She wants to destroy everything

She’s a lone wolf with a partner who’s a different creature

  • Name - Carmen
  • Skin tone - Tan
  • Hair lenght - long. (I really like rebel half shaved but if that’s not avalable then you Can choose any other character)
  • Hair color - Black
  • Face shape - Oval
  • Nose - Elven
  • Lips - full round - Terracotta
  • Vampire
  • Something interesting : She likes to throw bricks at People :slight_smile:

and the name?

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oof. sorry. its Estem

I need a name before I make the chararaters


Hair- Long, Straight, Fawn
Brow-Seductive Arch
Eyes-Upturned Feline, Green
Face-Soft Heart
Lips-Full Round, Raven

Could I be a evil fairy or evil witch?

Something Intresting:
-Is evil but has soft spot for lil animals
-Loves herself more than everything
-Consideres herself as a queen of everything
-Dark snd Sparkling clothes are MUST BE

You can ask more in ig direct:episode_so.davidson


Could I be a good witch?

I can’t think of anything super interesting but she’s very sarcastic. :woman_shrugging:

ok that works and plz make sure theres a name

Zagical can put your character into the INK form please and make sure theirs a name plz

Can you pick something else for your interesting thing only males can be alphas excpt for the main character
so sorry

I updated the photo


Either a fox or a fairy whatever you need more of or think fits her look better.

and an interesting thing about her?

Oh yah totally forgot about that.

She has a mentality that says guilty until proven innocent which to her means that everyone is guilty (bad, untrustworthy) until they are proven (she gets to know them) innocent (trustworthy and good enough for her standards)

Everyone is bad and untrustworthy until she gets to know them basically.


Super Sarcastic, usually in trouble or doing something wrong. Always curious and it usually ends up wrong. Not evil but not good? shes very judging of others and likes keeping her guard up. When you get to know her, she’s a loyal companion who would probably take a bullet for you and die for you, that’s if you don’t cross her. If you cross her, she’ll ruin your life