In need of more friends? Well me too my guy

Hello, my name is Oli and recently I have realized that I would like to connect with more people online. There are so many interesting people that I would love to get to know and talk with. We could talk about episode related topics or just random everyday things. Whether you just want a friend or help with your story, I’d love to chat.

Details about me if you're curious

I am a 16 year old girl, I live in the US, I am writing a story on episode, I make art, and I love to chat. My humor is stupid, chaotic, and sometimes dark. I love to help with stories and digital art or just general life advice if you need it.

If you are interested you can send me a friend request on discord. My discord is FreakishlyPeachy#2885 or we could talk on here, but sometimes I forget to check forums.

Have a lovely day/ evening/ night and thank you for wasting your time reading this topic :3.


Ayyy, someone else has Discord too!! :o

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Add me (if you want) anyway. I’m Brill#6485

Hey what is a discord? :sweat_smile:


Same thing I was gonna ask :joy:



It’s just an app where you can chat. That’s how I would describe it.

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Ah thanks

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Oh yea I forgot to say my tag

aNd i Oop#7058

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~messaging you on here~

and if anyone else who commented or just in general wants to talk with my lame ass too feel free to msg me (discord will be revealed upon interaction)


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