In need of motivation


Hey everyone,
I’m not sure if this is in the right place, so if it’s not feel free to tell me and I’ll move it. Anyway, I need some help or some advice. I’m revamping my story and I’m currently on the second episode and I’ve made some pretty big changes (mostly so it’s not cliche and to make the story a lot better). I know exactly what I need to write and what I want to write and I keep going to do it, but I just can’t. I love writing and everything, but I have no motivation to finish writing this section of the episode.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do and how to become motivated again?
-S :slightly_smiling_face:

Feeling discouraged to write

Hiya!! @random_life
You need motivation right??
So imagine the reader’s that have read your story and have enjoyed it what expressions would they have made and what type of experience they have undergone…
And you are revamping it right??
So, imagine the reader’s that read your story what will they think of this this time huh!!
What would be there reaction be??
Then think “I have to do my best so the reader get the imagine or the expression that I am trying to convey to them”
I am not sure if this will be helpful but I just thought that this will motivate you…:blush::blush::blush:


Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely try to use it! The only problem is I don’t have many readers at all :joy: this is still helpful, though :blush:


That’s not something you should be worried about…
Maybe you could ask people on instagram to do a review of your story so that they could point out what you could fix in it…


You said that you know what you want to write so that’s a good thing. I’ve realised that whenever you want to write something you got to write it because you’re enjoying the experience. Yes we all think about what the audience will say and how many views it will end up getting but you should be satisfied with what you’re writing before anything else because your happiness should always be important.

Honestly, I have no idea where I’m even going with this but maybe you should… enjoy the ride!!! Do what you love while having fun. Put effort into it for yourself because if your end product pleases you then it will also definitely impress others. And I’ll be willing to read your story after you post it. Just let me know after you have.

And I’m not trying to go against what @S.Dsana is saying or anything. I actually wrote this like two hours ago but my iPad went out before I could post this because I always keep on forgetting to charge it. So I actually didn’t know her opinion then, so yeah.


Writing on episode is just like writing a book. There’s writer block and you get inspired by different things.
That’s the issue with creative people; we tend to get sidetracked because our heads are so full of ideas that we end up doing multiple things at once or scraping older ideas. That’s the artists process. Sometimes it can be a good thing or bad thing.
I would recommend recognizing that you’re getting bored of the idea or falling into the pit of writers block. Take a break.
Look for inspiration. Watch videos. I love watching a movie or video and gettin my ideas for my story.
Make some changes to your original story. Changing things up can inspire you to writ.
I have 15 different stories that I’ve scraped that are just sitting in portal! I know how it feels.
You could always just force yourself through it. Chances are, if you put enough work and dedication into a project you’ll become more attached. You’ll work on it more. Publish your first 3 episodes and put a huge amount of effort into those episodes. It would be like painting a stunning painting, you couldn’t possibly scrape a painting like that? You’d have to finish it!
So do that with episodes.
If you publish it, you’ll get responses which can definitely encourage you. I love seeing people read my stuff, even if it’s just a few or one person.
The idea that someone you know nothing about is viewing something you spent hours/days/weeks on is such an amazing concept.

Don’t give up and work through it.


I am impressed…
You did motivated me as well @Whispering_Flower
And nope you weren’t going against my opinion as we all have our own views and well I am pretty in favor of yours than I was in mine…


Thank you so much for your reply! I really do know exactly what I need to write, but at the moment I have this ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude towards it. My story is called ‘I’m So Confused’ by Savanna W. and I have the first episode unlocked if you want to have a look at that. Just to warn you, it has a lot of swearing and it seems a little cliche, but I promise it’s really not :joy: Thanks again!


Thanks for your reply, too! I totally get what you are saying and I think I’ll try going back and forth between my other stories to inspire myself to write again. I’ve actually already published 6 episodes of the story, but I wan’t happy with them at all so I’m revamping them. Thanks for all of your advice, I’ll definitely use it :blush:

Btw, I love your profile description. Literally, same :joy:


Glad to help, I honestly know how it feels as well. I have all of these ideas for all these different stories but I stop being motivated to work on them after a while. It’s like I know what the main plot should be about but I have so many lose ends in the story as well. It’s like I don’t know how to bundle the whole thing together.


Thanks but I felt really inspired by your message as well. It’s true that we should always try to keep our readers happy as well. After all, without readers who else is there to encourage the writers to carry on :blush:.


Well, @random_life I understand exactly how you feel cause there are times when I have lacked the motivation to continue my story Fame Or Love on episode as well. To gain motivation, I sometimes take a break from writing. While doing this, you may read other great stories by amazing authors who possess the same gift as you which will motivate you to continue writing or completing your own. Certain scenes, dialogue, or narration might standout. You might also watch a certain movie or receive inspiration from certain scenes in the movie which gives you a certain idea to include in your own storyline. Then last but not least, you have the fans and those who support you in your fan mail or who have reviewed your story. Go back and reread the amazing things they may have been said about your story because this too, will both inspire and motivate you to keep writing. Hope this information helped some.:heart:


Thank you so much, you’ve helped a lot! :two_hearts: I always get inspiration from watching/reading things, so I’ll try writing down all my ideas before I forget them. It’s the worst getting a really good idea, then completely forgetting it.


I get it. I have had to make a number of revisions on my first story, Many Miles and Years Away, that I sometimes either get discouraged or bored of doing it and I don’t feel very motivated. I have either took a break from the story or worked on another story. Both seem to help for me. Then I can also focus a lot on reading stories too and sometimes that gives you inspiration.


Yeah, I get that. I think I just put so much pressure on myself to get the episode done that I got bored of it. I think I’ll try working on one of the other episodes to get myself back into the writing mood. Thanks for the advice :blush:


I agree. I felt pressure too, to get the Episode done quickly and the right way. No problem. Glad I helped!


Ok, this was my exact situation like two weeks ago. I was revamping my star power contest entry which only had 30 reads and it’s a short story so it was already completed. And I revamped the first chapter and most of the second chapter and I knew what I wanted to add and change but I got like so unmotivated to just type it all up.

So I left it for a couple of days, thinking it would be fine. But then I got my 31st read. And let me tell you, nothing gave me motivation back quite like the embarrassment I felt knowing some stranger was reading my unvamped version.

Not sure if fear and embarrassment would motivate you the way it does me, but for what it’s worth I did finish the revamp the next day lol


Haha, it probably would but I locked the chapters I’m revamping, so that they don’t see how horrible they were :joy::grimacing:


Well unlock them and let that fear hit you!!! Guarantee you will type that revamp as fast as you can


Probably would :joy: I’m already stressed because I’ve not updated in a while, so I guess that could be some motivation