In need of multiple ART PIECES! [COVER, ART SCENES, and SPLASHES]

Hey! Im a new writer in need of multiple art pieces. I’m in need of a story cover, art scenes, and warning splashes for my new story named “state of dreaming”. If you would be willing to do one of those that would be AMAZING!!! If you could message me/reply with your previous work that’d be great, and we could talk my characters and things along those lines. Thanks a bunch xx

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I could maybe help out with the splashes (and maybe the cover) but it just depends on if you like the look of my work. You can find examples of covers and splashes I’ve made here: Splashes for Everyone!

I suggest checking out art groups, you can see different artist’s examples and style.
This os one pf the art group I’m in
Episode Eclipse

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Leslie’s Art Shop

Might say I’m closed but I could squeeze you in <3