In need of multiple unique limited cc's! help!

So I need a lot of unique templates. If anyone is up for it… :grimacing:
I need it to not allow skin tones, hair color, and eye color. Also I want only a few features to actually be available.

CC 1-Ink-Female (Main) Script Name- BRANDY
-Hair Styles:
-Beach Wave(ORIGINAL)
-Long Feathered
-Messy Back Bun
Eyebrow Shapes:
(No preference every eyebrow is fine)
Seductive Arch is the ORIGINAL tho
Eye Shapes:
-Upturned Feline(ORIGINAL)
-Upturned Bold
-Round Classic
-Round Bold
Face Shapes:
(No preference every shape is fine)
-Soft Natural
-Full Round(ORIGINAL)
Lip color:
(No preference any color is ok)
Things that stay the same:
Skin Tone: Tan
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black(NOT HICKORY OR PINE, it’s the one where you can see the pupils)

CC 2-Ink-Male (Love interest1) Script Name- HAYDEN
Hair Styles:
-Boy Bun
-Generic Short Hair
-Long Bangs
-Modern Pomp
-Short Cropped Hair(ORIGINAL)
-Short Wave
-So Called Flip
-Spiked Up Hair
Eye Brow Shapes:
(No preference)
Medium Sharp is ORIGINAL tho
Eye shapes:
-Classic Round
-Deepest Gentle
-Deepest Piercing (ORIGNAL)
-Deepest Sloping
-Stoic Almond
Face Shapes:
-Defined Triangle (ORIGINAL)
-Square Jaw
-Hooked Nose
-Button (ORIGINAL)
Lip shape:
-Small round
Everything that stays the same:
Skin Tone: Honey
Hair Color: Fawn
Eye Color: Brown
Lip Color: Taupe

CC 3-Ink-Female (CC 1’s little sis) Script Name- LEXY
Hair Styles:
-Straight (ORIGINAL)
-Beach Waves
-Fishtail Braid
-Long Curly Hair
-Messy Back Bun
(Don’t care)
Seductive Arch is ORIGINAL tho
Eye Shape:
-Almond Classic
-Downturned Bold
-Round Bold
-Round Classic
-Upturned Bold
-Upturned Luxe (ORIGINAL)
(Options the same as CC1/BRANDY)
Refined is ORIGINAL tho
-Classic (ORIGINAL)
-Classic Slender
Lip Color:
(Don’t care)
What stays the same:
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Chestnut

So I’d also like the ORIGINAL choices by me myself and I to have a gold choice, just in case any users wanna go back to the AMAZING original.

Along with that, I need CC1(BRANDY)'s mom to have the same eyebrows, eyes, and nose.

On CC2(HAYDEN)'s dad to have the same nose and lips.

So that’s basically it, and of course I’ll give credit to whoever does this :slight_smile:

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