In Need of New Ideas For My Story

I’m having a brain fart and I just can’t seem to come up with new ideas for my story…It’s a drama/Romance/Fantasy story… Can y’all help a girl out??

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I working on a story like that. It’s about elements like fire, ice, etc. Maybe music can help. I listened to music and wrote down a few ideas for my story.

Even like that i’m still stump…maybe cuz i listen to this music mostly every day… you have any music suggestions

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Well I liked Suicide Squad and I listened to the album for inspiration but listening to random playlists also helped me out.

Here’s an example cover sinc e you like suicide squad maybe you can turn this into a story

If you want more covers or design pm me

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Thanks :heartpulse:

You’re welcome don’t forget to credit me

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I am not the best to give suggestions but I really like fantasy stories! You can talk about a school with people who have powers and put a lot of cool characters! Have you ever watched Teen Wolf , The Vampire Diaries , etc? You can get inspired by watching some episodes or something! Whatevs , good luck on your story :))


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