In need of outfits?


I can piece together outfits for your characters

Please fill out this short form!

Characters style (gothic, girly, tomboy, badboy/girl etc):
Season (winter, summer, etc):
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Hey I need some outfits both male and female.
I need some casual looks as well as some formal ones and business casual.
I know this is a lot to ask but it’d be greatly appreciated.



I’ll get them done as soon as possible!


i should have put this in my post, sorry, but can you tell me what the style is or do you care (by that i mean, dark, spring, winter, stuff like that)


Hi um I dont have a preferance yet but I will be asking some outfit help from you




Alright, I’m going to need 5 outfits if possible! It is for a male character. If I could get mostly business outfits and maybe 2 casual outfits that would be great! Any colour is alright, but darker colours are more his style! Thank you so much! This is such a good idea to create a thread like this!

Just saw the form thing you added! If needed, here it is:
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Characters style (gothic, girly, tomboy, badboy/girl etc): Business mostly
Season (winter, summer, etc): Just year round kind of.
Additional info: Dark colours are preferred! Also if I could get 2 casual outfits along with the business ones that would be lovely!


no it doesn’t really matter because as the story progresses there’ll be different seasons.


okay, just wanted to be sure :joy:


Oh, haha it’s alright :joy: