In need of overlay (ASAP preferably :0)

Hi! I need a closed eyes overlay for a male with Classic Round eyes and Olive skin, if anyone has one or can make me one it’d be greatly apreciated!


if u give me a more detailed description i will be able to help

Cool, do you need all the details or just a few??

its better if i have all the details to do it with better quality:)

Not sure if this is what you meant


Face: Defined Triangle
Skin: Olive
Eyes: Classic Round
Mouth: Uneven
Nose: Button
Hair: Short Cropped Hair

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Not exactly, thank you though!

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when im done i dm u the overlay or here?

Whichever :slight_smile:

im almost done (i will send u the overlay like today but in the night cause im very occupied so sorry) but like the character overlay u want it with an specific outfit?

Just Lady Rose Tattoo and Yellow Soccer shorts :slight_smile: oh yeah and with him facing left if you can :slight_smile:

u forgot to tell me the hair color,eyebrows and mouth color:) lmao im bout to finish and i kinda need that deets

Rightright, my bad lol, his hair is black and his mouth is taupe :slight_smile:

dude u forgot to tell me the eyebrows too jsjsjsdksjdk sorry im so f annoying is just i want to do the overlay as good as i can:)

nono you’re good lol and I thought you can’t change the eyebrow color on Ink characters?? Either way, his brows are black (like my soul. Wow okay didn’t need to get emo but here we are :joy::joy::joy:)

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