In Need of Overlays!

This may seem rather odd, but I’ve located a background which successfully conveys the room layout I wish to have perceived. One issue… I have this thing where I put way to much effort into things- meaning almost all of my other backgrounds have overlays; even those as to which it isn’t necessary. Therefore… with this issue of mine, comes the personal need to have individual desks and seats, so I can place students in each.

So I’m overall, searching for someone to can do those overlays? I’d of course provide credit, and if needed reimbursement.

I’ll go ahead and add the (sized photo, may I add) below. If you are interested, simply reply! Thank you. :smiley:


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Would you suggest DMing her? Commenting on one of her own threads offering help? Or should I just wait to see if she responds to the tag here? :slight_smile:

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I can help

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Okay, cool! As described in the original post, I need each of the desks to be separately made into overlays. :smiley: (Chairs separate as well)


Sorry, I don’t mean to be a nag, but around what time frame do you believe the overlay will be finished?

today or tommorow how many desk do you want

24, which is the amount demonstrated in the picture. :smiley: I just want each of those desks, and chairs (seperately) made into overlays so I can imitate character sitting in them.

Ahh I’m so terribly sorry, I’m just running out of time. Have you worked on it yet?